New Album in Progress…

Holly Kluge’s new album

I have been working on a new album this year.  Not long after beginning this project in the spring, my husband Dave and I discovered the exciting news that we have a baby on the way! Growing a baby can be hard work, so my recording project took a backseat as I took a 3 month hiatus to sleep…

Recording progress picked up speed again this fall. With most guitar, vocals, drums, percussion, bass, cello, violin, bass clarinet, trumpet, and trombone tracks now completed, the last things to record  are just a few more keyboard parts. The actual recording process should be completed around Thanksgiving time, at which point we plan to work on the final mix. To complete this project, the album then needs to be mastered, and finally sent off with artwork to be duplicated into the physical cds. Those final two steps- mastering, and cd duplication- require a lot of money.  This is where I need your help!  With your support, by donating to this project through, I am planning on an album release date in January. Stay tuned in for more updates!

Click here for a taste of the album, and to donate towards the project

Special thanks to: Matt Curlee (Third Strand Music) and my husband Dave Kluge for all their recording mastery, and the not-as-fun parts of set-up and tear-down; my in-laws Mark and Wendy Kluge for letting me use their living room as both my drum practice room and as a recording studio; Katie Hagstrom at Aviv Cafe for allowing us to record drums there, on some very busy weekends nonetheless; and Pamela Carol Bratcher for the awesome photo shoot! (all photos used on this site- as of now- taken by Pamela Carol Photography.)


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