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The Rochester Insomniac – May 2012


Personal Recommendations/ Endorsements:

@HollyKluge Your songs are so well-written, the music is precise and lovely, and your voice is unique in the music world.”  – Glenn Franco Simmons (via Twitter)

Holly Kluge’s new CD sparkles. Her voice is equal parts hypnotic whimsy and lilting whisper that beckons the listener to quiet rest from the cacophony of life. Her music weaves an acoustic tapestry as rich and spacious as a star-filled sky, far from the hectic city lights. Rich-yet-unassuming orchestration surrounds her gentle guitar, including an array of percussion, strings, piano, and even bass clarinet, resulting in layers of complexity that compliment Kluge’s airy harmonies. A panoply of styles are also woven throughout, hinting at the 1960s and early 70s, adding a generous helping of folk, a touch of blues, and a pinch of soul, but also presenting fresh, new sounds. “One Step at a Time” might prompt the listener to wonder if Neil Young was in the house, while “Summer Rain” might elicit questions about the “way to San Jose.” Several other tunes suggest Carol King and James Taylor have stopped by. Blending all this diversity together is not an easy task, but Kluge’s soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics succeed in producing a poetic, coherent whole. This should be particularly true for those who share her deep faith, which gently threads through the entire work.”                       – Jeff Bjorck, Pianist/Composer
“The music is very uplifting, and filled with hope and joy. The combination of your soulful singing, inspiring lyrics and perfectly balanced instrumentation creates a beautiful sense of peace”
~Diane Abrahamian, choir director